Since 2014, we are leading the efforts to connect the Design community across Romania, bridging design, business and academia. We showcase and inform about the (ROI) impact value of design, elevate design education, and highlight best capabilities either as successful proven designers or emerging talent.

OUR Mission

Elevate and grow Design and Innovation as key strategic disciplines for the future long-term, durable economic, social and cultural growth of Romania.


Connect, empower and grow a community of design professionals and leaders, which is grass-roots, self-driven and non-profit, connected to the universities across Romania and sustainable long-term.

Create a connection between professionals, business, and local administration where best practices, expertise is shared and opportunities are created.


+ Integrity through Transparency
+ Quality through Effort
+ Expertise through Results
+ Growth through Collaboration.

"RDC programs changed my mindset. Discovered that I have the power within myself to shape my future. No longer I think 'client doesn't understand' or 'will I find a job after university'. I've learned to empathize, understand, trust my capabilities, set goals and achieve them."

- Sabrina Apostu, Graduate UAD 2019

What We've Achieved

  • First ever one-week Nation-Wide Design Sprint across major cities.

  • Taught the first ever Design Thinking courses at University level in Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Bucharest.

  • Brought together all Design Universities.

  • Launched ‘Creative Leaders’ program to highlight talent, connect designers and business.

  • Launched first survey and ‘Yearly Design Report’ to highlight the challenges and opportunities Romanian designers are facing.